Creating an Advertisement

There are several key components in your creating a quality advertisement.

1. Business Brief - It is critical that you read the client's Business Brief. The brief will explain the product or service you're marketing, the consumers you're targeting, and more. The Business Brief is your blueprint.

2. Consumer Insights - Within the Business Brief, you will find consumer information. This information coupled with the details of the business' product or service is critical for your ad campaign. Keep in mind, you're creating these ads for the relevant consumer, not for you and your friends. In some cases, the target consumer may be you and your friends. But do not assume this to be the case. Think of the consumer and evaluate the most relevant ideas that will stimulate consumer interest. Identify the insight that explains why this idea appeals to the consumer and is most likely to create an "ah-ha" experience.

3. Unique Selling Proposition - Within the Business Brief, you will find the the brand's USP (Unique Selling Proposition). You need to identify the brand's USP that distinguishes it from competition and identifies how it will satisfy the consumers needs better than competitive offerings.

4. Creative Brief - Write a Creative Brief to go with the Business Brief that adds relevant background information and directs copy development. The Creative Brief should culminate in a campaign concept. This should include a "hook". (e.g. tagline, brand icon, product demonstration, humor, emotion, shock, etc.) For all intents and purposes, the Creative Brief is a transitioning document between the Business Brief and the actual advertisement.

5. Develop and Evaluate a Story Board - We highly suggest that you do not invest the time and effort into your advertisement until you've created a rough sketch of the ad and garnered feedback from, so to speak, the client (e.g. contact us and we'll let you know what the client thinks) and your target consumer.

6. Produce the Advertisement - Now is when you'll actually create the advertisement. You should think about the production team, cast, set design, music, and props (e.g. objects you want to have in the ad) that will make up the ad. When you're ready to actually start shooting the advertisement, please contact us if you have any questions. Similarly, after you shoot the ad, more likely than not, you're going to need to edit the filming you've just completed. Please contact us if you have any questions with relation to editing your work.


If you need help creating your advertisement or anything else, please e-mail us.