Promoting the Advertisement

The majority of students we work with already have a digital social network where they can efficiently and effectively reach an enormous number of friends, family and otherwise. These forms of digital communication includes social networks, e-mail, instant messaging and more. Whether you have an enormous network or none at all, we want to work closely with you to help you build awareness about the digital ad you created. Experience has shown that if you have created a worthwhile advertisement and you have been effective in alerting your friends and family about your ad, the chances are favorable that the distribution list will expand and, to a small or to an exponential degree, will become a viral advertisement.

If you don't have a large network of family and friends, this is OK. In the end, just leverage the suggestions from our list as best you are able. There are innumerable ways for you to get the word out about your advertisement. Our suggestions for the effective distribution of your advertisement includes:

1. e-Mail - Send e-mails with a link to your advertisement to friends, family and otherwise. It also makes sense to explicitly ask your friends, family and otherwise to forward your ad to other people.
2. Listserv - A listserv is a membership of a number of people who simultaneously send messages to all members of the group. A listserv, especially a listserv that has members that match your clients target audience, can be a strong distribution outlet.
3. Social Networks - Social Networks are also a strong way to speak to a large number of people. If you don't have an account already, you may want to create an account with some of the more popular social networks including Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Classmates or others.
4. Bulletin Boards - Within innumerable websites, there are bulletin boards where site users can post announcements, thoughts or otherwise to communicate with each other. Posting a link to your ad can be an affective way to build awareness of your advertisement.
5. Other - Get creative. Post signs, make public announcements, get a newspaper to write an article about your ad, etc. Think "outside the box" to build awareness about your advertisement.

In all the cases mentioned above, you may want to mention that this is a fundraiser for your school and the more people that view your ad, the more money your school will raise.

If you would like to learn more about or have questions about promoting your ad, please e-mail us.