School Fundraiser

If your school is unable to finance the Know Idea Business program independently and you would be interested in taking part in a unique fundraiser, we are happy to partner you with a business that will fulfill these needs for you.

Status Quo
Currently grade schools and high schools participate in fundraising activities to satisfy ever increasing budget gaps or to fund special class events. Typically these activities involve the students selling a product or a service to immediate and extended family members and their friends. While the students may or may not reach fundraising goals, the exercise is usually of limited or no educational value.

Through a strategic relationship, Know Idea has partnered with a digital marketing company, Pair of Shoes Marketing, to create a unique fundraising opportunity that is also an authentic learning experience. Know Idea has developed an interactive learning channel to teach students about business, marketing, and advertising. The students then draw on that knowledge to design and produce a digital video campaign on behalf of a sponsor business. Upon completion of the digital advertisement, the students then distribute the campaign using digital mediums that they currently utilize and interact in such as MySpace, FaceBook, AIM, email, and more. The school participates in the revenues that are garnered from the advertising campaigns based on the circulation and viewership of the ads. The students run their own ad agency, learn about business, marketing and advertising and 50% of all revenues that are garnered from these campaigns are donated to your school.

If you would like to learn more about Know Idea's Business program and how this fundraiser can help your school, please e-mail us.