The central focus at the Stewart Academy is our classrooms. We want the students to learn from all their experiences within and outside of their classrooms. But, the classroom is where we, so to speak, do our best work. Our ultimate goal is to provide our children with a top-quality education. And, our classrooms are one of the most effective and efficient places where we are able to do this. All classes are extremely hands-on including using a Harkness, discussion-based teaching methodology. For high school students, research and practical experience has proven that lecture-based classes and rote memorization is, at best, an effective way to develop superficial, short-term educational results. Consistently, research and practical experience has proven that our children learn more effectively and efficiently by discussing, teaching, and proactively acting upon the discipline or subject that the student is learning. Similarly, research and practical experience has proven that students better understand and internalize an education when they have a connection and context for the discipline or subject they are learning. For this reason, Stewart Academy uses the teaching methods and curriculum used by the top secondary schools and liberal arts colleges that explicitly leverage these best practices.




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