Stewart Academy art classes serve many purposes including demonstrating the importance of creativity, an artist expressing their thoughts and feelings, and being able to interpret the thoughts and feelings of other artists. While developing the intellect of each student is critical, in order to educate the entire student, one needs to also develop the spirit of each student as well. Art is a critical tool in speaking to students about the deeper aspects of this world in a more expressive manner. The art class offerings include drawing, painting, sculpture, art history, theater, dance, motion pictures, and more.

Stewart Academy offers a wide range of courses to elevate visual perception and promote visual literacy. The studio courses develop the ability to create and to see. The art history courses not only foster ways of seeing, but also provide a context that traces the development of civilization. The Art Department seeks to provide students, through the making and viewing of art, the means to enrich their life experience. Both online and offline gallery spaces will display student work year-round.


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