The Stewart Academy business students participate in business simulations, study business cases, and create business plans. Many of the class exercises involve competition between groups of students. This competition, in general, helps to keep the students engaged. Besides learning about business and business acumen, the students will have the opportunity to experiment with the different disciplines within the business world (e.g. marketing, finance, accounting, operations, business management, etc.) and evaluate their core competencies as well as their personal tastes.

Our Business program conducts classes and seminars that include customized business simulations, business cases, and business incubator experiences. Our programs focus on educating employees how to drive profitability and, most importantly, inspiring each employee to take action and actually drive profitability for their relevant business. Our programs address issues related to corporate strategy, operations, marketing, finance, general management and more. Within our seminars and discussions, we use three primary tools for our business programs: business simulations, business cases, and working within a business incubator.

Business Simulation
The Business Simulation is a business simulation where four to five competing companies sell the same product within the same market. We calculate each company's profitability at the end of each year. And, at the end of the final year of competition, the company with the highest average profitability over the course of the entire simulation is... The Winner. Through the program, each individual within the simulated business not only learns the essence of business, each individual experiences the essence of business.

Business Cases
Within the Know Idea's Business and Careers program, we study numerous business cases with an emphasis on Harvard Business Cases, cases from The Harvard Business Review, and cases that are published within the top twenty business schools in America.

Business Incubator
Within this Business and Careers program, four to five management teams create four to five different business proposals. At the semester's end, each management team hands in their written proposal and verbally presents their business concepts including the marketing plan, financial analysis, etc. Each person in the program has $100,000 dollars to invest in the four to five businesses. (Each executive can not invest in their own business.) The business with the most cash invested in their business is... The Winner. The goal of this program is to educate individuals about how to create economic value in a very tangible manner.


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