What is a Charter School?
Stewart Academy is currently applying to be a Prince George's County Public Charter School. As a charter school, the Prince George's County Public School system allows Stewart Academy to exercise certain flexibility in the name of innovation and improving the educational offering for our students. Concurrently, Stewart Academy is still 100% a Prince George's County Public School. Students, parents and teachers receive all the benefits of our innovative and effective educational offering. And, like any other Prince George's County resident, Prince George's County residents also get the benefit of a, so to speak, cost-free public school education.

What is unique about Stewart Academy?
There are two primary factors that make Stewart Academy Unique: our discussion-based teaching method of choice, "Harkness", and our commitment to a traditional liberal arts education.

I. Harkness - Harkness is a discussion-based, as opposed to a lecture-based, teaching method. In a Harkness classroom, the teacher and students all sit around a big, oval "Harkness table". Whether the student is sitting in a math, English, science or history class, the focus of the class is not to be lectured to by the teacher about the relevant topic but, as equals, to discuss the relevant topic. Stewart Academy teachers are less like traditional school teachers and more like conductors of an orchestra. The job of the teacher is to, metaphorically, garner the participation of all the unique musical instruments around the Harkness table in order to create beautiful music.

II. Liberal Arts - Stewart Academy is highly focused on delivering a traditional liberal arts education. Stewart Academy most certainly is not a trade school. While Stewart Academy is committed to creating young men and women who will some day be professionals within a spectrum of occupations, we are substantially more focused on teaching our students the foundational basics of the liberal arts. Stewart Academy's primary goal is not to create layman. Stewart Academy's primary goal is to create students who are able to think critically. Our interest as educators is to create solid, well-rounded students.

How do I learn more?
You can find information about Stewart Academy within this website. Also, you can learn more about Stewart Academy by contacting us.


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