The Stewart Academy Science Department's primary mission is to provide for all students a foundation in the study of science as well as an understanding of the beauty and wonder of earthly and terrestrial organisms. The students will study the depth of breadth of the world. In order to assist students in reaching this goal, the science curriculum is designed to offer students a variety of opportunities to engage with the world around them - in the classroom, in the laboratory, and in field work.

Hands-on learning, both collaborative and individual, is at the heart of our course of instruction. The department considers the laboratory and the field to be its Harkness (oval) table, and students will have extensive practical experience. Classes include both laboratory and discussion space. Stewart Academy believes that successful scientific inquiry requires the integration of observational ability, quantitative skills, and analytical thinking. In all courses, students will be challenged to reason creatively and to think critically. In keeping with the program broadly outlined above, Stewart Academy strongly encourages students to take all three basic courses: biology, chemistry and physics.

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