Hasmada Award

The “Hasmada” Award goes to the player who has demonstrated throughout the course of the Hapoel Soccer Season the most diligence, persistence, and determination.

5778/2017 – Caleb VanderWalde and Esther Baden
5777/2016 – Aviva Fischler
5776/2015 – Tzvi Goldman
5775/2014 – Eli Lazewnik
5774/2013 – Noam Klein
5772/2011 – BK1 Lime (Z. Ravin, N. Berman, S. Karetsky, S. Scher, N. Klugman, A. Zaghi, and A. Falk)
5772/2011 – Erez Epstein
5771/2010 – Dovid Newman and Avram Warshawsky
5770/2009 – Ron Heifetz
5769/2008 – Yehuda Edelstein and Hannah Mendelsohn
5768/2007 – The B3 (Boy’s Third Grade) Travel Team
5767/2006 – Menachem Shemtov
5766/2005 – Dovid Feldman
5765/2004 – Jesse Zweben



Play Hard/Hasmada Award winner, 5778/2017, Caleb VanderWalde.

tzvi aviva

Play Hard/Hasmada Award winner, 5776/2015, Tzvi Goldman and 5777/2016 winner, Aviva Fischler.

BK1 Lime

Samuel Singer “Hasmada” Award winners, 5772/2011, BK1 Lime (Zev Ravin, Noam Berman, Shalom Koretsky Shaya Scher, Noah Klugman, Arel Zaghi, Asher Falk.)

 Erez Epstein

Samuel Singer “Hasmada” Award winners, 5771/2010, Avram Warshawsky (left) and 5772/2011 Erez Epstein (right).


Samuel Singer “Hasmada” Award winners, 5770/2009, Ron Heifetz (left) and 5771/2010 winner, Dovid Newman (right).

5769/2008 Samuel Singer “Hasmada” Award winner, Yehuda Edelstein in action during the 2005 season.


5767/2006 Samuel Singer “Hasmada” Award winner, Menachem Shemtov (left) and 5769/2008 Samuel Singer “Hasmada” Award winner, Hannah Mendelsohn (right).

5768/2007 Samuel Singer “Hasmada” Award winner, The B3 Travel Team. Top Row: Danny Zweben, Coach Zweben, Akiva Glashofer, Jonah Riffkin, Aaron Weiss, Avi Cohen, Josh Straus, Jacob Glassman, and Coach Glashofer. Bottom Row: Cameron Harris-Gallahue, Coby Melkin, Eli Shemtov, Mory Gould, Daryl Nadler, and Elijah Zack. Missing from Picture: Noah Green, Perry Ross, Mikhael Hammer-Bleich, and Ari Sporkin.


(Left) 5765/2004 Samuel Singer “Hasmada” Award winner, Jesse Zweben with Family.
(Right) 5766/2005 Samuel Singer “Hasmada” Award winner, Dovid Feldman.

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