Hapoel Basketball 2005

Hapoel Basketball – Winter 2005

Hapoel Basketball entered two teams into the Montgomery County (Maryland) Department of Recreation Basketball League: a 3rd/4th Grade Boy’s Team and a 5th Grade Girl’s Team.

The Hapoel 3rd/4th Grade Boy’s Team consisted of Daniel Israel, Yonatan Abrams, Naftali Ginsburg, Isaac Beletsky, Saadia Tuchman, Caleb Tanenbaum, Yoshi Tanenbaum, Daniel Dasher, Max Frankl, and Simmy Ruchelman.

The Hapoel 5th Grade Girl’s Team consisted of Adina Porat, Shana Feldman, Shayna Sragg, Maayann Colton, Daniella Reifer, Leah Meth, Adina Wakschlag, and Bruria Hammer-Bleich.

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