Hapoel League Records

From 2002 through 2007, we kept track of the League Records.  Most goals scored in a season by a player, most goals scored in a season by a team, etc.  And in the middle of the 2007 season, we realized that an idea that formerly inspired the players and teams to Play Harder, Play Smarter, and Be Mensches had shifted towards  the players and teams Playing Harder, Playing Smarter and not so much Being Mensches.  Truth be told, how can we give kudos to a team for breaking the most-goals-scored-by-a-team record and then tell them they’re not being mensches when they celebrate beating a team 15-0?  So we stopped.  With this said, these are the League Records from 2002-2007:

Boys G’dola League Records
Boys Chatzi League Records
Boys K’tana League Records
Girls G’dola League Records
Girls Chatzi League Records
Girls K’tana League Records

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