Hapoel Policies

a. The policy of the Hapoel Soccer Club is that we play in the heat, rain, snow, and everything in between. The only time that we do not play our games is when there is thunder or lightning. Parents are not required to send their children to the games, but should be aware that there will be children who will be playing in the mud, cold, etc. and that the game will count as an official league match. To check for weather-related updates, please go to www.hapoelsoccer.com.

b. Please clean-up any litter you create while at the field.

c. All players are expected to show up to games (and/or practices) on time. If you are going to be late and/or absent, please let your coach know in advance.

d. All players are expected to wear their team uniform to games. This includes the team shirt, shorts, and socks. If the weather is cold and/or wet and a player wants to wear pants or sweatpants, please try to wear pants/sweatpants that match the color of your shorts. Girl’s who wear skirts or dresses should also wear skirts/dresses that match the team shorts. If you’re going to wear a jacket during the game, please wear your uniform over the jacket.

e. We ask that spectators show judgment in their sideline cheering. While we are not trying to mirror the atmosphere of a golf match, please be sympathetic to the more sensitive players who are new to competitive sports. As a general rule, avoid yelling at players that are not your own children and always keep the yelling/cheers positive. e.g., “Atta boy, Shlermie” is rarely taken the wrong way by a child or parent. “Shlermie, you need to work harder” is more open to interpretation. Granted, this may be great, but… show judgment in your sideline cheering. This is not a simple matter and we will all make mistakes, but… this is the league’s general policy.

f. Let the coaches do the coaching and the spectators do the spectating. i.e., even if your son is on the team, you are not the coach. Please, cheer, yell, etc., but do not enter the team huddle and throw in your ten cents. If you would like to coach or co-coach, we’d love the help and, please, let the commissioner know that you are interested.

g. All correspondence with the league commissioner should be made via e-mail. Phone calls are reserved for emergencies. The e-mail address is: admin@knowideainc.org. We check this e-mail address frequently and should be able to respond quickly.

h. While players are not required to wear cleats and shinpads, both are suggested.

i. Our refund policy is to give all players/parents a full refund minus the cost of the uniform, hat, and other league expenses. We offer a refund after the first week of game play. Under special circumstances, we’ll do the same after the second week. After the third week of play, we do not offer refunds. All refund requests must be received by Know Idea / Hapoel Sports via e-mail.

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