Play Hard. Play Smart. And Be a Mensch.

Play Hard. Play Smart. And, Be a Mensch.

Play Hard
While soccer is a thinking person’s sport, soccer also requires an enormous amount of physical effort. You need to be as fit as a marathoner, yet as fast as a sprinter. You will slide on the grass like a baseball player and jump in the air like a basketball player. The bottom line is that you have to be very physically fit to be a great soccer player. The best way to become and stay physically fit is to eat the right foods, go to sleep early, and exercise. Your parents know what foods are the “right foods”. Let them control your diet for the weeks leading up to the season and throughout the season itself. Go to sleep early. Especially, Motzi Shabbas. You need to be rested for the games on Sunday. Lastly, you need to exercise. There are so many ways to exercise, but the best exercise for soccer is… to play soccer!

Eat Right
Get Plenty of Sleep
Exercise… Play Soccer

Play Smart
Soccer is a thinking persons sport. Soccer is often called a chess game on grass. In order to be a good soccer player, it is not enough to just play hard. You need to also play smart. While we will get “soccer smart” on-the-field throughout the season, the best way for you to prepare for the upcoming season and to continue to get smarter throughout the season is to “get smart” off-the-field. Learn Math. Learn English. Learn History. Learn Science. Do your homework. Work hard in your studies. Ask lots of questions. Exercise your brain whenever you can. And, above all, the best exercise for your brain (and neshama) is to…Learn Torah. Learn Chumash. Learn the Parsha. Learn Mishnayos. Learn Halacha. Learn lots and lots of Torah. Get Smart so you can Play Smart.

Learn Secular Studies
Learn Torah…learn lots and lots of Torah.

Be a Mensch
Above all, as part of the Hapoel Silver Spring Soccer Club, you need to be a mensch. You need to dress properly for the games. i.e., wash your uniform and clean your cleats. You need to speak properly. You need to behave properly. Before the games, shake hands with your opposing players and wish them good mazel. After the game, whether you win or lose, tell the other team “good game”. Encourage your teammates. Be respectful to your coaches. We want to play hard and play smart and win, but… being a mensch will always come first. And, the best way to become a mensch on-the-field is… to practice being a mensch off-the-field!

Both On-the-Soccer-Field and Off-the-Soccer-Field:
Be a Kiddush H-shem
Be a Ben or Bas Torah

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