Know Idea Incorporated

Know Idea Incorporated is a not-for-profit/501(c)(3) organization and the umbrella organization for Hapoel Soccer and numerous other projects that serve the orthodox Jewish community.  These projects include(d):

Hapoel Soccer – Soccer Leagues in Baltimore and Silver Spring that serve the unique needs of frum Jews.  Hapoel Soccer was founded in 2002 and, during the fall alone, had over 500 players playing within their leagues.  Hapoel soccer’s main season was during the Fall but Hapoel Soccer also ran winter indoor and spring leagues.  Currently, Hapoel Soccer is only in Baltimore.  You can learn more about Hapoel soccer by clicking the Hapoel Soccer link at the top of the page.

Hapoel Lacrosse – A Lacrosse Club in Silver Spring that served the unique needs of frum Jews.  Hapoel Lacrosse taught the boys how to play lacrosse, had numerous practices to gain some competency in the sport, and then played a multi-game schedule against various teams ranging from Beth Tfiloh (Baltimore) to the Harlem (NYC) Lacrosse Club to the Arlington (VA) Lacrosse Club.

Hapoel Basketball – A Basketball League in Silver Spring that served the unique needs of frum Jews.

The Seforim of Yehuda Leib Graubart – Translating the Seforim of Yehuda Leib Graubart from Hebrew to English.

Derech Chochma: The Yeshiva Education Network – Derech Chochma was a grassroots network that is dedicated to creating excellence in yeshivas. Derech Chochma works with yeshivas and yeshiva elementary schools to provide students, teachers, parents and administrators with educational resources and tools to raise the standards of a yeshiva education.

Tommy Know – Tommy Know was a digital program that educated students about advertising, marketing and business.

Business Classes for Yeshivas – Know Idea provided Jewish schools in the Silver Spring area with business classes that ranged from 3-days to a full semester.  Participating schools included the Girl’s Yeshiva of Greater Washington, Eshkol, and, primarily, the Boy’s Yeshiva of Greater Washington.  The heart of these business classes was running Business Simulations where 4-5 teams of 4-5 students competed against each other to maximize profits.

KI Art – KI Art was an art program which focused on drawing and painting.

History of Ideas and Innovations – The History of Ideas and Innovations is, literally, a list of the History of Ideas and Innovations. From hand tools and cave paintings to cell phones and hip-hop music.

Stewart Academy – Know Idea created a plan for the Boy’s Yeshiva of Greater Washington to improve the school’s secular education.  Though highly-regarded by educators and administrators within both Jewish and non-Jewish schools, the yeshiva of Greater Washington chose not to implement this plan.  Instead, Know Idea used this plan to start Derech Chochma: The Yeshiva Education Network  and to create a business plan for Stewart Academy: a charter school in Prince George’s County.