Hapoel Sports™

Play Hard. Play Smart. And Be a Mensch.

Many sports leagues focus on competitiveness with little emphasis on the player's character. Many leagues focus on creating young men and women with good character, but they deemphasize the competitive aspect of the sport. Hapoel Sports is a unique sports club that strives to do both: create great athletes that are also big mensches. Hapoel teaches their players to be competitive, to be hungry, to strive for success, but... to do it in a kosher way. Hapoel is as competitive as any youth sports league, yet we couple this emphasis on athletic success with an emphasis on "menschlikite success". All parents and children who are interested in joining or learning more about one of our unique leagues is encouraged to contact us. We look forward to hearing from you.

And, don't forget... Play Hard. Play Smart. And, Be a Mensch.

You can learn more about Hapoel Soccer by clicking here and more about Hapoel Lacrosse by clicking here.