Hapoel Fall Soccer - 5765 (2004) - All-Mensch Game

Match Report:

In the world of soccer, there are many post-season match traditions. At the professional level, you have old-timers games. At the college level you have alumni games. And, at the Hapoel Soccer Club, you have the All-Mensch Game. The All-Mensch Game was a full-field, regulation sized-goals, 90-minute match. This year’s 5765 All-Mensch Game pitted Hapoel Blue vs. Hapoel White. Hapoel Blue was primarily composed of players and parents from the G’dola League Champion, Tsfat Black Cheetahs, and the G’dola League Runner-up, the Chevron Green Slime. Hapoel White was primarily composed of players and parents from the G’dola League’s Yerushalayim Blue Bears and Tiveria Red Lions.

Hapoel Blue scored early and often and finished the first half with a lead of 3-2. The offensive play for Hapoel Blue was spear-headed by league leading scorer, Jesse Wilcox, the league’s number two leading scorer, Noach Aryeh Schwartz, and Coach Tuchman. With this said, they had plenty of support from the wings from Coach Ifrah, Saadia Tuchman and Steven Elenberg. The defense for Hapoel Blue was also solid with top-notch performances from Coach Feldman, Coach Wilcox, Coach Galitzer, Coach Milgraum, Coach Kardon, Avraham Gershon Abrams, and Jason Kardon. With a defense as solid as this, Hapoel White was fortunate to create their two goals in the first half.

The second half of the game involved numerous substitutions and line-up changes. Hapoel White had a new defensive look with numerous players including Coach Elenberg, Coach Weiss, Coach Frankl, Coach Cohen, Rabbi Baars, and two rock-solid performances from two of the G’dola League’s top players: Danny Weiss (goalie) and Isaac Gould. This line-up did not give-up a goal to the Hapoel Blue attack for the entire second half. With this said, the most impressive aspect of the Hapoel White second half performance was their attack. Their offense gelled and the goals came pouring in. The final score after being down 3-2 at the half was 5-3 with Hapoel White scoring three unanswered goals. The Hapoel White offense was lead by Ari Wilcox, Jonathan Galitzer, and Dovid Feldman with excellent midfield support from Nisonel Biberfeld, Coach Abrams, and Ezra Feldman.

Hapoel Blue fought back hard and had many chances to equalize the game during the second half including numerous shots that just missed wide, shots that bounced off the post, and some gorgeous saves from the Hapoel White goalkeeper, Danny Weiss, but… the game ended with Hapoel White getting the win.

It bears mentioning that several “younger” players joined the match and, not so surprisingly, played beautifully. These players included Naftali Schwartz, Elli Feldman, Jeremy Kardon, Yonaton Abrams, Max Frankl, and Feivel Cohen.

The bottom-line, this was a hard-fought match which could have easily been a win for either team and… like most post-season traditional match-ups, the score was less relevant than having the chance to see the players from this past season (and their fathers and coaches) demonstrate their talent and efforts for one last time before the Hapoel End-of-Season Awards Banquet. Yasher Koach to all the players and fans involved and… see you next week at the Awards Banquet!

And, the Match Awards!

Play Hard Players of the Match:
Naftali Schwartz, Elli Feldman, Jeremy Kardon, Yonaton Abrams, Feivel Cohen, and Max Frankl. Despite being outsized by 95% of the players on the field, these boys not only "held their own", but excelled. Their effort was superb.

Play Smart Players of the Match:
Danny Weiss. Despite the Hapoel White goalie playing in a goal that was substantial bigger than what he was used to, he performed beautifully. A top-notch peformance.
Isaac Gould. One of the anchors of the Hapoel White defense for the entire 90 minute game and pieced together his best performance of the entire season.
Coach Feldman. Demonstrated that a defender can get forward and get involved in the offense as well as play with finesse and skill. He was a pleasure to watch.
Coach Tuchman, Jesse Wilcox, Saadia Tuchman, and Noach Aryeh Schwartz. A powerful, creative offensive threat for Hapoel Blue that was a sincere pleasure to watch attack the Hapoel White goal.

Mensch Players of the Match:
Nisonel Biberfeld, Dovid Feldman, Ari Wilcox, Jonathan Galitzer, and Coach Abrams. Despite never having played together before, they had good offensive success in the first half and this Hapoel White five-some came together as a unit in the second half and created numerous gorgeous goals.