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Hapoel and the Junior Olympics
By Jeff Seidel
June 19, 2008
Sports Correspondent

Several local athletes from Hapoel Sports scored nicely in the United States Junior Olympics regional competition held last weekend.

In basketball, Yonatan Abrams scored a big victory to take a gold medal in the 12-13 boys division. Danny Zweben and Mory Gould came away with a gold and silver medal, respectively, in the 8-9 group.

In soccer, Nesiah Ely and Zweben both won gold in the 8-9 boys division. Abrams came away with a silver in the 12-13 age group.

Tennis saw Bennett Bramson finish with a gold in the 8-9 division. In track and field, Ely and Elianna Weissman won a gold and silver, respectively, in the 8-9 girls group. Gould took home a silver in 8-9 boys while Abrams won the same medal in 12-13.

Hapoel officials are waiting for the results from other events throughout the United States to see if Abrams, Zweben, Bramson and the Elys qualify for the National Finals in Chicago because three boys and girls from each age group can make the finals.


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